Under Mattress Sensor pad
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NGM-21 Cordless Monitor

  • Acts as a room controller within a bed management system, signaling pause & reset of alarms
  • Reset button on monitor face
  • Pause Mode – prevent alarms for 3 mins to allow a caregiver to tend the patient
  • Sleep Mode – deactivate the alarm if bed occupant does not require fall management
  • Low battery indication
  • Input lost indication
  • Tamper proof reset option using caregiver key
  • Choice of tones and volume
  • Delay settings 0, 2s & 15 mins
  • Port to connect with nurse call system
  • Comes with mounting bracket & hanger strap
WMBP-20 Cordless Under-mattress Bed Pad 
  • Triggers alarm when pressure is released
  • 30” x 10” (76 x 25cm)
  • Works beneath most mattresses. Removes the discomfort created by over-the-mattress pads
  • Fits onto the center panel of most care beds
  • Invisible to users, provides non-intrusive bed monitoring
  • Lower hygiene risk than standard sensor pad
  • Must work with our wireless transmitter (TM-11)

TM-11 Cordless Pad Transmitter

  • This device complies with Part 15 of the FFC Rules and operated by 3 x AA batteries. An ON/OFF switch is located at the side to turn off the device when not in use.

  • Use to relay the sensor pad signal to the cordless monitor.

What is inside the package:

1 x NGM-21 Cordless Monitor (1 to 9 devices)
1 x TM-11 Cordless Transmitter
1 x WMBP-2- Cordless Under-mattress Bed Pad

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